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Q- Why does my customer need to accept "cookies" for on-line shopping?

A- Cookies allow us to keep track of the products you purchase in a store until you leave the store in question. Simply put, cookies let you shop in ClicShop© stores! Cookies are also used to gather information that will help merchants improve their stores. Cookies let ClicShop© know which pages are visited most frequently and which products are purchased most often. This information is then made available to the merchants, in the form of anonymous statistics. Neither the merchants nor any one else (apart from ClicShop©) have direct access to the information contained in the cookies. Moreover, cookies contain no personal information (like your name, home address, email address, etc.) unless you expressly provide such information. All the information is deleted when you close your browser.


Q- Do customers receive an invoice following a purchase?

A- If customers would like a statement number, they may print a copy from the screen. An automatic e-mail is sent to confirm purchases.


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