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Frequently Asked Questions - Activation of Your Store

Q- If I activate my store with my credit card, how long do I have to wait before completing my store?

A- You can begin immediately because your credit card has been validated. We use your credit card simply to charge the monthly fee.


Q- I am already a customer. Do I need to resubmit my credit card to activate my store?

A- Yes, because your ClicShop© store is billed separately from your other services.


Q- Can I activate my store without a credit card?

A- The only way to activate your store without a credit card is to pay the annual fee by cheque. If possible, it's more convenient to pay with a credit card.


Q- I have chosen the Store option. Can I activate my store even if it is not completed?

A- Yes, you can activate your store. Remember not to publish your store until it is ready to be shown to the customer.


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