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Frequently Asked Questions - I want to know how many people have visited my site

   Q- I want to know how many people have visited my site.

A- If you have the store option : To install a counter, you need to add the following line, anywhere on your homepage :
<img src=>

or for a counter more discret, you can add some parameters, for example : 
<img src="">

Name : Use a representative word to distinguish your counter, such as your username or the title of your page if it is a theme page. Keep in mind not to use a word that is too simple or very commonly used because you may risk having someone else use the same word and this will, in turn, produce wrong results. If you site has a personal page, the counter will be automatically activated. If you see a message saying «Host: "" is not in the auth conf file», this means that your site does not have the permission to implement a counter. In that case, please send an email to Jérôme Tremblay by mentioning the URL of the site where the counter is to be installed (http://www.yourdomain.ext), and he will be able to help you.

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