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Frequently Asked Questions - How do credit cards work?

Q- How do credit cards work?

A- You have the choice between two secure methods to process credit card transactions:
1. Differed processing: This is mostly for merchants who have a low transaction volume or want to lower there transaction fees and monthly fees.  How this works is that clients enter there credit card numbers online through our secure server which is part of the "Store" package and up. You would simply retrieve this number along with all important information such as expiry date, name on card, etc. through our "backstore" area in the orders section.  You would then process those transactions manually using a standard credit card terminal provided by your financial institution.

2. Instant processing: If you have a high transaction volume or don't want the hassle of having to process all transactions manually, you can use Desjardins*, InternetSecure, PSiGate, Paypal or Planet Payment.  These companies offer automatic credit card transaction and are all compatible with our e-commerce system and they also transfer the funds automatically in your bank account.  There are no fees for us to integrate them to your account as it is included in the "Store", "Store+", "Catalogue" and "Catalogue+" packages.

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