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Frequently Asked Questions - Currency

Q- Can I create a bilingual or multi-currency store?

A- Yes. ClicShop© allows you to create and manage a bilingual (English and French) store using two currencies. Choose from:

  • Canadian Dollar ($CAN)
  • American Dollar (USD$)
  • Euro
  • French Franc (FFR)
  • Swiss Franc (CHF)
  • Belgian Franc (BEF)
  • Luxemburg Franc (LUF)
  • Australian Dollar (AUS$)
  • New Zealand Dollar (NZD$)
  • English Pound (£GBP)
  • Japanese Yens


Q- How many currencies can I accept in my store?

A- You can choose up to two currencies.


Q- How does a multi-currency store work? Are currencies automatically converted?

A- Yes. If a customer pays by credit card, the currency conversion will reflect the credit card company's current rate. However, if a customer pays using another method, your bank will convert the currency on deposit.


Q- Is it possible to have two stores, to use two different kinds of currencies, and have two other languages?

A- You cannot use other languages besides French and English. Soon, you'll be able to add other languages. If you wish, you may describe all your products in the language of your choice, but the rest will be done in French or English.


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