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Frequently Asked Questions - Problems with my eParcel module

Q- I am having problems with my eParcel module, it keeps giving me error messages. What do I do?

A- Error messages :

-4004:  Item is too large to be packed.
This confirms that at least one of the products in your store does not fit in at least one of the boxes that you have specified in your shipping module. Now, in order to fix that, you will need to make sure that at least on item in your store fits in at least one of the boxes you have specifed in your shipping module. Please note that the system does not recognize which item caused this error message. The only way you would be able to know the item is if you receive an order. As long as this problem exists, you will keep getting these emails. If you need assistance for creating, modifying or deleting boxes in your shipping module, you can contact Marjorie at the eParcel help desk by e-mail or at 1-888-550-6333 or directly at 613-734-6816.

-3001:  Destination Postal Code/State Name/ Country is illegal.
This error message means is that someone tried to purchase something from your online store and gave the wrong postal code when entering their information.

2:  Default values provided.
This error message means that the default shipping rates were returned due to a problem during the processing of the request. If you received other error messages not mentioned above, please send an email to with the specific error message or consult this page: click here

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