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About InternetSecure

InternetSecure is a Canadian firm (distinct from who developed an on-line secure, real-time credit card processing system for Internet merchants. This system is technically easy to implement and does not require capital investment by the merchant and allows you to accept credit cards in your online store (merchant status). This system can be used by merchants throughout the world as long as they accept to be paid in American or Canadian currency.

For many small to medium businesses the first barrier to conducting legitimate credit card transactions via the Internet is qualifying and acquiring the Credit Card Merchant Status. If they do grant merchant status, they will usually require substantial security deposits prior to the merchant actually generating revenues over the Net. InternetSecure breaks down those barriers immediately! InternetSecure also accepts merchants who already have their own merchant account.

Canadian and American dollar merchant status is available for all qualified merchants, regardless of their geographical location. There are no requirements to incorporate or open bank accounts in Canada or the United States to be an InternetSecure merchant.

With InternetSecure, you can accept the following:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover
* Internetsecure guarantees merchant status for most Internet merchants with the exception of adult and gambling sites. For a complete list of restricted products and services click here.

Merchant account

The advantage with InternetSecure is that you can obtain a merchant status even if you have or not a merchant account. 

If you already have a merchant account, InternetSecure will let you accept orders without signature. Here is the list of bank merchant account accepted:

  • Bank of Nova Scotia
  • Royal Bank
  • CIBC
  • Toronto Dominion Bank
  • Bank of Montreal
  • Canada Trust
  • Credit Unions
  • National Bank
And a multitude of American financial institutions (go see the complete list on InternetSecure’s Website).

Steps to Follow

1- For promotions or if you have any questions regarding our pricing, feel free to contact us at 1-877-768-7355 or (514) 875-8830.

2- Complete the application form on InternetSecure's Website (without any obligation).

3- This form will automatically be sent to you by email and you should afterwards sign it and return it by fax at (905) 338-2414.

4- An InternetSecure representative will contact you personally within 24 hours following your fax to give you more information.

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