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Frequently Asked Questions - Store Links

Q- What are the addresses for ClicShop© stores?

A- The addresses are set up like this: of your store)/

If you already have a web site and you decide not to choose the "Shopping Cart" option, you can link your web site to your ClicShop© store.


Q- How will customers find my store?

A- First, you can request to be added to our ClicShop© store directory.

You may also create your own affiliate program, which can bring you links from participating web sites. To register your store, you click on the Affiliate Program link in your store management area.

To see the directory of ClicShop© stores, click here.


Q- Where can I find ClicShop stores?

A- On the ClicShop© home page, click on the desired category. Then, go through our list of stores and see for yourself!


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