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Frequently Asked Questions - Shipping Methods

Q- If I want to sell only to specific customers (for example, Canadian residents), how can I do it?

A- You have to choose Canada in the country list in the shipping module. You can also indicate on your home page that your products are for sale only to Canadian customers.


Q- If I am a Canadian merchant and I want to use Canada Post's eParcel© module, how should I proceed?

A- First off, if you sell only services, it will be impossible for you to use this module. You must be selling tangible products in your store.

Here are the steps to follow: 

  • Go to your store management area and choose the Shipping Profile tab.
  • Check Your eParcel© Account to indicate that you have chosen the eParcel© module.
  • Click on the Fill-out Shipping Agreement link, and complete the entire on-line form to open your Canada Post shipping account (wait for approval before going to step 4).
  • Finally, click on the Update Shipping Profile link to indicate the dimensions of your shipping boxes, your eParcel pick-up times, and your handling fees. You should use the Implementation Guide, which will provide you with instructions and helpful hints on how to customize your shipping profile.


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