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Frequently Asked Questions - Payment Methods

Q- Which payment methods are accepted by ClicShop©?

A- ClicShop© can be configured to accept several different payment methods, and you must choose at least one. Here is a list of all the payment methods accepted by ClicShop©:

  • Cheque
  • Money order
  • COD - Cash only
  • COD - Cheque
  • COD - Post-dated cheque
  • Credit cards: American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and Diner's Club/En route.
For credit cards, you should be assured that your commercial account allows you to accept orders without a signature. If you do not have a commercial account, or if your merchant account doesn't let you accept credit cards, contact your bank or use instant processing offered by InternetSecure and PSiGate. You have the choice between two secure methods of processing for credit card payments:

1. Differed processing: If you have a low transaction volume or your transactions are complicated, you may ask for the credit card numbers of customers in order to process their orders manually using a standard credit card terminal.

2. Instant processing: If you have a high transaction volume or your transactions are simple, you can use the InternetSecure, PSiGate or Touchlink services which will transfer the funds automatically to your bank account.


Q- Can we accept Interac/debit cards as a payment method?

A- No, not at the moment.


Q- I have chosen the credit card instant processing; how is it integrated into my store?

A- Go to our credit card page, choose the convenient payment server and follow the steps according to the payment server chosen. For further information, contact us!


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