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  Frequently Asked Questions - Technical aspects?

Q- On which architecture runs ClicShop© ?

R- ClicShop has been programmed using a 3-tiers architecture to make sure the performance would not degrade when the number of merchants and/or customers gets higher. We can add servers if we need to, so the load gets balanced. ClicShop servers are high-end commercial servers with, of course, SCSI hard disks in RAID, and have several components doubled (power supplies, fans, etc.). Servers are redundant (for web as well as the database). The firewall is also redundant. Internet links are redundant too. And several ClicShop processes are continuously monitored, so that we are noticed as soon as any downtime should occur. Nothing has been spared to make sure ClicShop stays up 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year long.

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